Marae best place for Chris Brown to address his misdemeanours

By Ripeka Timutimu

Chris Brown's promoters say they would consider an invitation from Tainui to Wāhi Pā if Brown was let into the country.

Jevan Goulter, who is acting for tour promoters Castor and Ford, says Brown could have a valuable message for many New Zealanders.

According to Goulter, “What you have is a popstar with huge influence all over the world, and I think what Tainui has realised is that it’s better to collaborate with him, than not to.”

Goulter says he has spoken to Tukoroirangi Morgan who says Tainui may consider hosting the star if he's let into the country.

“If Chris Brown gains entrance into New Zealand the marae would be the best place to address his past behaviours towards his former partner,” explained Mr Morgan.

“I think that what you'll find is that there is a lot of support but at the moment there hasn't even been an application for a visa yet,” said Goulter.

Goulter says lessons could be learnt from Brown.

“Take a look at your White Ribbon ambassadors.  They aren't squeaky clean either, but what they have done is the exact same thing as Chris Brown.  Promoted what they're doing really well,” added Goulter.

Tickets for Brown's concert on December 18 went on sale this week, even though he hasn't been granted a visa.

Goulter says, “I think we have a government and a minister of immigration, and an immigration department, that will make a decision, and a fair decision based on the case presented to them.”

Meanwhile this afternoon, King Tuheitia said he does not condone any violence toward woman including domestic violence.  He has not extended an invitation to Amercian singer Chris Brown should he gain entry into New Zealand.