Marae divert over 60 tonnes of waste through Para Kore programme

Para Kore in Piopio

Marae in Aotearoa are continuing to take part in the Para Kore programme, based on reducing waste, recycling and composting. 

Para Kore waste adviser, Pine Campbell, says that over 60 tonnes of waste has been diverted from landfills through recycling and composting.

“We started implementing our programme in the Waikato, Hauraki, Maniapoto and Raukawa region in 2009 and marae from across the region have shown a keen interest as waste minimisation is not only good for the environment, there is also a financial incentive for marae given the cost associated with waste disposal. When it comes to food scraps, some marae opt for composting, while others feed pigs.”

“With support from the Government’s Waste Minimisation Fund, Trust Waikato and iwi, we have been able to up-skill our people and also provide our Para Kore resources, like bins and signs in Te Reo Māori, to participating marae,” he says.

Campbell also says that marae have reduced their waste to landfill by over 50%.

Xtreme Waste and the Waikato Regional Council established the Para Kore pilot project in 2009, and since then, more than 80 marae have participated. 

There is also the goal to help every marae in Aotearoa work towards zero waste by 2020.  To find out more on the Para Kore programme, you can visit their website, and Facebook page.