MaraeFit initiative reconnects Kahungunu hapū


The families of Manutai Marae in Tahaenui, Nuhaka are at the top of the MaraeFit leader board, beating out 32 other Kahungunu based marae so far.  An initiative which they say has completely turned their marae around.

For the family of Manutai Marae, it's all about putting their best foot forward as they get ready to tackle a 5km family walk.

Regardless of age or background, everyone is getting stuck in.

MaraeFit is an initiative for all Kahungunu-based marae that encourages active family participation in their own marae events.

Estha Wainohu from Sport Hawke's Bay says, “If you take part in an event, you get so many points for each event depending on how old you are.  So this kaupapa come about so that everyone can take part, young and old, middle age whatever age.”

The initiative has got the marae buzzing again, re-connecting many families back to their marae through health and fitness.

Moira Barber, a trustee of Manutai Marae says, “No, we weren't very motivated, but now that we've all got a common kaupapa it's changed all right around.”

Estha Wainohu says, “It's making the competition up there.  Everyone wants to beat each other it's actually quite good getting all our marae back into sport and recreation.”

Of the 33 marae participating, the marae that ends up with the most points will be given the title of most active marae at the Ngāti Kahungunu Sports Awards at the end of the year.