Marama Davidson condemns latest Hobson Pledge campaign

By Mānia Clarke-Mamanu

Green Party MP, Marama Davidson is condemning lobby group, Hobson's Pledge in its latest campaign against Māori privilege, opposing a call to investigate State abuse of Māori children. 

Davidson says the group’s stance is racist and is cautioning the public to ignore such comments. 

Hobson’s Pledge Trust disagrees with a claim lodged with the Waitangi Tribunal, for an independent inquiry under urgency, as to why many of the children put under welfare care who suffered abuse, were Māori. 

Trust spokesperson, Don Brash told Te Kāea, “In my view it is she who is racist.  What the Hobson Trust is arguing for is a colour blind society where every New Zealander irrespective of when their ancestors came to New Zealand, is treated equally at law.”

However, Davidson says they’re rhetoric is dangerous and we shouldn’t be paying any attention to them.

Other issues Hobson’s Pledge opposes is the inclusion of mana whakahono a rohe/iwi participation clauses in the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill, new legislation that recognises the Whanganui River as a person and a claim that Taranaki mountain is considered an ancestor by local Māori.

It’s the latest campaign by the NZ lobby group since they called for the closing of the Waitangi Tribunal and abolishing Māori electorates last year.

According to the Hobson’s Pledge website, the NZ lobby group was formed in 2015 to oppose alleged Māori favouritism and to advocate equality for all New Zealanders regardless of race. 

They are named after NZ’s first Governor-General, William Hobson, who said 'we are now one people' after the treaty was signed by Māori chiefs in 1840