Marama Davidson knocked over by motorbike walking to Posie Parker protest

By Kelvin McDonald
Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson at Saturday's protest against anti-transgender activist Posie Parker at Albert Park in Auckland.  Source / Instagram

Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson required medical attention after she was knocked to the ground by a motorbike as she walked to the trans rights protest in Auckland on Saturday.

Davidson was at a pedestrian crossing on Princes St, near Albert Park in Auckland's city centre about 10.40am when she was hit in the stomach by the handlebars of a motorbike, a witness has told the NZ Herald.

The witness was walking across the pedestrian crossing when she said a convoy of motorbikes suddenly appeared, travelling at speed.

It forced the woman to stop halfway across the road on a raised section.

“I just stood there because they wouldn’t stop and they were very fast, like really speeding,” the witness said.

“So Marama Davidson tried to come to tell them to stop, like you usually do on a pedestrian crossing.”

“And if she had stepped a centimetre more, she would have been run over.”

“She was pretty hurt, you could see that,” the woman said.

Asked if she wanted to be taken to a clinic or hospital, Davidson told those around her she was all right.

Davidson continued on to the rally in Albert Park.

The incident was reported to police who are making inquiries.

“Ambulance was not required, we understand that the pedestrian sought medical advice,” police said.

Greens co-leader James Shaw, who said Davidson was seeing a doctor, asked for people to "show care and love".

"We ask everyone to give Marama and her whānau some space and time to process what has happened."