Marama Davidson wants Greens to be seen in 2019  

By Talisa Kupenga

Green Party Co-Leader Marama Davidson aims to build her profile this year, support indigenous women in leadership roles and be a strong voice for Māori issues.

Marama Davidson is gearing up to be in the spotlight this year.

"That is something we will be working on and going forward is helping to raise my profile in that I am Green Co-Leader and that I have an even bigger independent voice to have to use as a non-ministerial co-leader.

Davidson joined James Shaw as Green Party Co-Leader last April following Metiria Turei's resignation. She is the only Māori MP in-house for the Greens.

"I think we've got a lot more work to do to impress upon people that we are a co-leadership team, that we've always been a party that recognises co-leaders of having equal standing and that we have different strengths."

When it comes to Māori issues including water she says the Greens have Māori at front of mind.

"There's a massive water clean-up programme that the government is pushing out over the next years. I want to make it really clear that we can't have a robust conservation clean-up and plan for water unless Māori are leading and have a leading voice in making sure that allocations are fair and making sure that mana whenua are supported."

Davidson will also focus on connecting with and supporting other indigenous women in local and international leadership roles.