Marangai Mai report recommends hapū lead Ngāpuhi settlement

updated By Dean Nathan

Te Kotahitanga o Ngā Hapū o Ngāpuhi and Tūhoronuku have been working together for many months now to complete the final Maranga Mai report.

Te Kotahitanga Co-Chair Pita Tipene says, I'm glad the report has been completed and that we've worked as one to find a pathway for the hapū who are at the forefront of Ngāpuhi.

Tūhoronuku chair Hone Sadler told Te Kāea, "We want to hold a live discussion throughout the negotiations about how redress will be managed to ensure that the Ngāpuhi settlement achieves that will protect the interests of future generations. Our goal is to negotiate collectively in a regionally coordinated way with clear lines of accountability and resourcing."

Tipene says, “It is the hapū that will lead this process and have the final word on it. It's for the hapū to reach out to all our urban-based Ngāpuhi kin.”

This report marks the completion of a process to address major flaws identified by the Waitangi Tribunal from its urgent hearing in 2014 into the Crown recognition of a mandate for Tūhoronuku to negotiate and settle all Ngāpuhi treaty claims.

Te Kotahitanga o Ngā Hapū o Ngāpuhi urges all Ngāpuhi descendants to read the report.

“There is a depth of information to be gleaned from this report aimed at settling hundreds of treaty claims. Many of our people have passed on since this process began and it's been held up. We must move forward and complete the process in our search for justice,” says Tipene.

It's a point that's been made time and time again; that hapū will speak for hapū.