Mass turn-out for 7th annual Waikato-Tainui Games

By Rahia Timutimu

10,000 people, from the young to the elderly, made their way to Hopuhopu today to celebrate the 7th annual Waikato-Tainui Games.

The Tainui games is an event designed to unite its people. Various sports were on offer to make sure everyone felt included.

51 marae made their way to the games but there was no question that the major attraction was Power Pulling.

Waingaro Pā is the defending champions after winning in 2012.

According to Huirangi Tahana, “Today's a very special day because my grandchildren have come back from Australia especially for this event to catch up with everyone. So I'm very happy right now.”

With sport being held all day, teams won't have any rest until the end of tomorrow when the finals will be held.