Massage Therapists volunteer for Edgecumbe flood relief

A group of Massage Therapists are volunteering their time to offer therapies to the recent flood affected people of the Edgecumbe area and the Emergency services workers involved.

There are many people who are feeling the stress of the flooding. The therapists will use all their skills to help relieve stress symptoms that can result in a more restful sleep.

Volunteers include Bowen Therapists, Reflexologists and other Bodywork specialist and Yoga Teachers.

Co-ordinator for NZ Emergency Response Therapists Marina Locke says, “We have given over 3000 free treatments to stressed, disaster affected people and emergency services workers since the first major Canterbury earthquake in September 2010. It’s amazing how people pull together when there is a crisis.”

The volunteer therapists will be working at the Memorial Hall in Edgecumbe, 9-4pm on Saturday 27th May.

If families are coming to the event and want to book a bodywork treatment for the family, please contact Marina at