Mātaatua Tauranga Moana march towards Tūrangawaewae

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

The day started off with traditional proceedings for Mātaatua Tauranga Moana.

Says the chair of Te Kotahitanga o Mātaatua, Reremoana Pitau “all of Mātaatua Tauranga Moana are finally on the same page, we all understand what our goal is, and what we are going to do at Tūrangawaewae”

Questions around the structure of Kōhanga Reo were sparked off by some of the kōhanga within the Mātaatua Tauranga Moana catchment. Since the suspension of former CEO Titoki Black, Mātaatua Tauranga Moana have been asking numerous questions.

According to Te Waiarani Harawira, “We want the families to have a voice, to have some kind of control, but what we have seen recently the families have no say at all.”

Not all of Mātaatua Tauranga Moana agree with their stance, but over the past few months and weeks they have all got the same goal.

“We had an urgent meeting last week, there we had discussions, issues were raised, and complaints were raised. But know its settled what Tauranga Moana are doing” says Veronika Edwards, of Tauranga Moana.

Acoording to the chairman of Te Kotahitanga o Mātaatua they have one main goal, and that’s to bring back the Maori protocol in which Te Kōhanga Reo was established.

Mātaatua Tauranga Moana have been fighting this very battle for a while now, and although it’s been a long journey over the past few months, they hope the way forward will be smooth sailing.