Matangiroa Flavell's gym thrives on Māori who 'flourish' speaking te reo

By Te Ao Toa

Matangiroa Flavell (Ngati Rangiwewehi, Taranaki) at only 24 years old is a former Tall Fern and now gym manager of The Movement NZ in Hamilton that she is growing to be the best in the country. 

"I love it, I'm very passionate about it. If I didn't enjoy it, I wouldn't be here doing what I'm doing."

"Filling this house up with a majority of Māori people, and the majority of them speak te reo and the majority of them want to speak te reo, that's what I thrive on," Flavell told Te Ao Toa.

"When I'm excited to do something like this, it kind of flourishes in them as well to learn more."

Flavell says she is still learning the ropes of being a manager but has her mind set on making the gym the best it can be. 

"I'm still young, you know, and a lot of people wouldn't believe I'm running a business at 24. But I'm still learning and, obviously, I have a lot of people around me that are helping me out. 

"(I'm) just trying to bring the best out of this gym and create one of the best gyms in New Zealand."

Flavell's sister, Mīria, runs world-famous clothing brand Hine and her father is former Māori Party co-leader Te Ururoa Flavell.