Matt McCarten appointed as Labour's Chief of Staff

By Maiki Sherman

Matt McCarten, of Ngāpuhi descent, has been appointed to the roll as the Labour Party's Chief of Staff.

He is known for his tireless efforts in advocating the rights of workers and those less fortunate.  However, now he is setting his political sights on helping Labour get in to Government at this year's elections.

It has been a somewhat of a return to his political roots for Matt McCarten and for a man who has defeated cancer, thus rendering him unable to fulfil his previous parliamentary positions - it truly begs the question whether or not this is a case of divine intervention?

Says Matt McCarten today in a Labour press conference announcing his appointment, he believes there is indeed a lot of “unfinished business".

There's no denying the fact that a miracle is exactly what Labour need following the latest poll results, in which National has risen by 6% to 51%, while Labour has remained stagnant on 34%.

It's that strong voice for union workers which has made Matt McCarten a household name in years gone by.

He began his political career with Labour, however, disagreement saw his departure.  The Alliance Party was then formed and he was named its president.

However, following its demise, Matt McCarten then formed links with both the Māori Party then Mana, respectively.  

Willie Jackson, former MP under Alliance during McCarten's time, says he's a man committed to the cause.

“I don't agree with the notion waka jumper, he is a man committed to the cause,” says Jackson.

So it seems for McCarten and Labour, that only time will tell if his latest prayers will be answered.