The Maunga Authority agreed to stop cars driving to the summit of Maungawhau

By Te Ao Māori News

The Maunga Authority have agreed unanimously to stop cars driving to the summit of Maungawhau.

Maunga Authority Chair Paul Majurey explains the important decision for this ancestral mountain reflects the serious consideration given to the initiative and says “there was an unanimous agreement at the Maunga Authority hui last night that a motor vehicle-free summit is the right outcome for the iconic taonga of Maungawhau / Mt Eden.”

Council staff worked closely with various disability organisations in addressing the matter of summit access for people with limited mobility. One idea is the installation of electric gates with an access code.

Mr Majurey explains that in making their decision, the Maunga Authority placed emphasis on the spiritual and cultural significance of the summit to Mana Whenua and the community aspirations reflected in the long-standing public programme that led to the 2007 Maungawhau/Mt Eden Management Plan.

“Motor vehicle removal from the tihi of Maungawhau was signalled many years ago as a necessary outcome to protect this taonga, and to reflect the Mana Whenua and community aspirations of their living connections with this taonga,” says Mr Majurey.

Mr Majurey also said “The removal of heavy vehicles from the summit has been successful, resulting in significantly less congestion and also a change of attitudes in visitors. The community has embraced the much safer walk to the top of the maunga, and are excited about the enhanced experience with this ancestral place overlooking Tāmaki Makaurau.”

The new rules are expected to be implemented in the coming months.