Mayor Phil Goff gives nothing to racism

By Regan Paranihi

Mayor Phil Goff is taking a stand against racism in New Zealand by supporting the Give Nothing to Racism initiative. This initiative is a campaign that focuses primarily on the underlying acts of racism we tend to shrug off our shoulders.

Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan says, "We’re asking Kiwis to acknowledge that racism and prejudice start small and it needs their support to survive. Every little bit counts because when it’s fed, it grows."

She says it’s delightful to see Auckland Mayor along with other New Zealand icons such as the All Blacks, musicians and comedian’s bine together to give nothing to racism.

Mayor Goff is calling on all Aucklanders to join his stance in supporting the cause to help stop the growth of racism in our communities and in our country.

He says, “Auckland is a multi-cultural city that actively promotes and celebrates its diversity. We’re a city that is welcoming of all cultures and people - we need to uphold the values of tolerance and mutual respect and maintain our inclusive reputation.”

He hopes that by getting the biggest city in New Zealand involved in this movement it will eventually send a positive message out to the rest of the country to get on board. He says, “Racism has no place in this country - It’s not who we are and it’s not who we stand for.”

The campaign recently won top honours at the Asia-Pacific Communications Awards taking out the supreme award for the best communications campaign by an NGO, association or institution.

People can check out to find out more about the campaign or make a personal video of support.