McGarvey-Black only new cap in NZ Sevens team

Twenty-one-year-old Ngarohi McGarvey-Black has been on coach Clark Laidlaw's radar since he was at Rotorua Boys High School and since the arrival of the news, McGarvey-Black had one person on his mind.

“Last night, as I was sitting on my chair reading Facebook I came across my notifications, I was fast to phone my Nan, before she had found out about my news on Facebook, she cried but was very happy her and Koro as well and the whole family," says McGarvey-Black.

NZ Sevens coach believes that Ngarohi has what it takes but needs experience at the international level to build his character.

“He played really well through the summer period, both here at the Mount tournament and at the nationals. He's got a lot of good attributes to his game and attack and skills so he's got a good passing game and a good running game," says Laidlaw.

"He's a natural kicker with the ball so we think he can be a real threat with ball in hand and we are quite excited for him about having an opportunity.”

Despite his lack of experience at an international level, he's already pinpointed where he needs to be. “It's faster, harder at this level, but achievable.” Next Friday, Ngarohi will take his first step in reaching his milestones when he joins the side in the USA.