Meat sales spike for barbecue season

By Talisa Kupenga

With summer in full swing, meat sales have significantly increased the number of people keen to spark up the barbecue. West Auckland butcher Reuben Sharples says he and his staff have been extremely busy in the lead up to the New Year.

New Lynn Aussie Butcher staff have had to keep their knives sharp to keep up with consumer demand.

Auzzie Butcher Manager Reuben Sharples says, “We're putting out about 2000 packets a day on normal trading but leading up to Christmas we were doing 3000 to 3500."

Sharples says sales have increased in previous years due to good weather encouraging people to spark-up the barbecue.

"I'm making venison patties. Roughly about 8-kilos so 80 to 100 a day. Number one sellers are probably our sausages, steaks, point-end brisket, short ribs, chicken kebabs and chicken nibbles. Basically, anything that people can put on the barbecue whether it be low and slow or fast and hard.”

And with the low and slow cooking market becoming more popular Sharples has really been pushing this market.

"Low and slow American style BBQ is really taking off here in New Zealand with the whole Meatstock competition and people are really starting to want to take the six-hours or 12-hours to cook a brisket. The whole short ribs and brisket we're just starting to smash it."

Sharples reminds people to keep meat cold this summer before cooking to prevent spoiling.