Meat workers continue to suffer

By Heeni Brown

Meat workers look to lose $100 per week through a proposed collective agreement.

The Council of Trade Unions Vice President Syd Keepa says Talley’s Group are proposing a collective agreement where the terms will see workers lose $100 per week while working longer hours.
Keepa says “The dispute between the Talley’s Group and the Meat Workers’ Union has been running for fifteen months.

Around 1000 meat workers are affected, many of whom are Māori living in Māori communities like Wairoa and Moerewa,”

CTU also explains with Talley’s Group’s refusal to settle in agreements with the Meat Workers’ Union there are Māori communities watching their whanau suffering in the process.

Keepa says “This is not just an industrial dispute, it’s a Māori issue. The CTU Rūnanga is committed to working with Māori and the Meat Workers’ Union to help end to the Talley’s Group’s stubborn refusal to settle a collective agreement on fair terms for its overwhelmingly Māori workforce.”