Meka Whaitiri is leading in Te Ikaroa-Rawhiti

By Maiki Sherman

Today the results of Māori Television's questionnaire poll for the Ikaroa-Rāwhiti seat was released, and the results seem to be the same as those in last year's by-election for Meka Whaitiri and Te Hāmua Nikora.

It seems like déjà vu for the two leading candidates, however we do see a change from Marama Fox of the Māori Party.

Labour's Meka Whaitiri is ahead with 37%.  Just behind is Te Hāmua Nikora for MANA with 21% trailing by 18%.

Then there is Māori Party's Marama Fox with 18%, a mere 3% behind Te Hamua Nikora.  Henare Kani of the Greens has 6%.

Those who are undecided are at 11% and a further 7% won’t be voting or don't support any of these candidates.