Metia Interactive part of new GridAKL technology hub

By Taroi Black

A high-end technology building has finally been opened to the public in Auckland which consists of local technology businesses such as Metia Interactive, a creative group that develops games from a Māori point of view and under the watchful eye of Maru Nihoniho.

A small group of creative game enthusiasts are now working in a new world-class facility.

Nihoniho says, “I think working with other companies we'll be able to. It's not to keep an eye on each other it's more about what are you doing and how are you doing it."

This is all part of GridAKL's plan to get technology companies such as Metia Interactive in the loop with other evolving technology businesses from Auckland.

Head of Precinct Developments ATEED Chris Twiss says, “So this space, 8000 square meters purpose-built innovation centre ultimately it can hold 400 companies.”

Metia Interactive will be launching two high tech games in the next seven months, one will be a story that Maru Nihoniho developed 14 years ago called Guardian. 

Nihoniho says, “But we have all sorts of characters, you know Patupaiarehe, we've taken creative license on who they are and what they do but we've kept with common themes such as red flaming hair and you know living in the forest so it's quite different it is story driven.”

There are more than 40,000 tech jobs in Auckland. 9000 jobs have also been added in the last five years and it’s growing GDP by 26%. 

Twiss says, “So it's a really powerful economic driver for Auckland and the country.”

The first Guardian game of three episodes will be out just before Christmas and available for free on the app store and Google Play.