Tūtohu Movies. Ngā hua 1 - 10 o te 165 mō

Ngā hua 1 - 10 o 165

Ngā hua kimi

  1. Video for Marley and Me

    Marley and Me

    (PG) E ako ana te whānau i ngā akoranga hira o te ora mai i tō rātou kurī ātaahua, engari he kurī hīanga, pōhewahewa hoki. (2008)

  2. Alone in Berlin

    Berlin, 1940. Working class couple Otto and Anna Quangel receive the news that their only son has been killed on the battlefield. Already disillusioned with The Führer and The Fatherland, the loss of their son proves the tipping point and Otto begins a campaign of civil disobedience, writing messages on postcards that urge fellow Germans to resist the Nazi regime.

  3. Little Eggs, An African Rescue

    In the bunny school, the appointment of the new "master bunnies" by the magical golden egg is happening. After selecting city bunny Max as the champion bunny candidate, the golden egg suddenly turns black.

  4. Walkabout

    Two city-bred siblings are stranded in the Australian Outback, where they learn to survive with the aid of an Aboriginal boy on his "walkabout": a ritual separation from his tribe.

  5. Birds Like Us

    The story follows a group of birds on a journey where they try to find a better life for themselves and the ones they love.

  6. Mia and Me, The Hero of Centopia

    Mia discovers her magic stone is part of an ancient prophecy and embarks on a thrilling journey to the farthest islands of Centopia to face a great evil and shape her own destiny.

  7. The Tracker

    Fanatic is a government trooper who is heading an expedition to find an Aboriginal man accused of murdering a white woman. Others in the expedition are the Follower, a greenhorn trooper, the Veteran, and the Tracker.

  8. Video for Conversations with Other Women

    Conversations with Other Women

    (MLS) Whai muri i tētahi hui mārena, ka haere tahi tētahi tāne me te wahine ki te hōtēra, i reira ka huri te pō aroha ki te hinapōuri. (2005)

  9. Video for Marmaduke


    Ka neke tētahi whānau ki tētahi wāhi hou me tō rātou kurī nui, kurī aroha hoki te Dane Nui, he āhua whakararuraru i tōna ake ara. (2022)

  10. Video for Lost City of Z

    Lost City of Z

    (MVL) He whakaari pono, e aro ana ki te kaihōpara o Ingarangi a Meiha Percival Fawcett, i ngaro atu i nga tau 1920 i a ia e rapu ana i tētahi tāone porehu i Amazon. (2016)

  11. Whakaatu hua anō