Michael Metuakore pumping up as JLo backup dancer

By Kimiora Kaire-Melbourne

A local Tokoroa boy is gearing up to perform alongside Latino superstar Jennifer Lopez for the next three years.  Michael Metuakore has been handpicked as one of Lopez's back-up dancers to perform at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

Metuakore says, “I've always been around my Polynesian culture and Māori culture, and I remember always dancing and listening to the Cook Island drums.”

The success and fame has come all at once for the Tokoroa local.  He also featured in New Zealand film, Born to Dance.  In pursuit of his dream, Metuakore and his brother moved to Auckland to dance with world renowned choreographer Parris Goebel.  But it seems Lopez has given him a new challenge.

“There was a comment that JLo made to us when she called the final 8 boys in, and it was, if you don't have a body you will not dance behind me.  So she basically said if you don't have shoulders and a chest and abs you need to work on them,” says Metuakore.

He says the gym will be the next place he'll be hanging out before he makes the big move next year.