Middlemore Hospital welcomes concept of Matariki

By Numia Ponika-Rangi

Middlemore Hospital has opened it's doors to the Māori performers in support and celebration of the Māori New Year, Matariki. 

The theme for the Matariki event is 'Ngā Moemoea o Ngā Mokopuna', looking at the dreams and aspirations Māori have.

A huge surprise greets visitors to Middlemore Hospital all this week, with the sights sounds and taste of Maori on show, as CMDHB opens it's doors in celebration of Matariki.

Babies, children and all ages are on show, along with weaving, carving and entertainers lifting the spirits of patients and staff alike, fulfilling dreams and aspirations.

This is a first for CMDHB to open the doors of the hospital for such a celebration, so thanks must go to Matariki and the Board for making it happen.