Mika Tribute - They changed the music and cultural landscape

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

David Bowie, Prince and George Michael are a few of the music legends who've passed away in 2016, and the influence of these icons has left a lasting legacy on one Māori entertainer.

Role models and musical legends, Entertainer Mika says they changed the music and cultural landscape.

“All three of them are so prominent because they had something to say beyond the music, the music is first and for most and there are things about all three that we as humans identify with. Perhaps the difference is, perhaps they went where others couldn’t go. The said things other people would not say at the time and they all had their own convictions.”

David Bowie died from liver cancer in January this year.

“David Bowie was very unusual, the Pop star, skinny little white kid, Luther Vandross was his backing singer, he dated the most beautiful women in the world Iman. He had everything that you could aspire to be as an individual. He was so pro-human rights before, I remember him before going on about the lack of colour in the music industry.”

Prince followed, dying in his home town of Chanhassen, Minnesota on April 21.

“Then, of course, Prince came along and Prince was always a gender bender whether you like it or not. I remember singing Doves cry when I warmed up for Grace Jones a long time ago, George Michael of course infamously came out with the song outside.”

Mika says although these artists have passed their music will continue to live on.

“When people leave this realm what are they wanting to leave behind or not leave behind it's not important always to leave something behind not always, but if you leave something in someone’s heart that is something that can't ever be taken away.”