Mike King tells National MPs to stop pretending they care about him or his Gumboot Friday campaign

By Te Ao - Māori News

Mental health advocate Mike King has hit back at the National Party MPs who shared memes on social media, mocking the Labour government for funding a Mongrel Mob-linked meth rehab programme but not helping to fund King's Gumboot Friday charity.

Hutt South MP Chris Bishop shared the meme on his Facebook post yesterday and Pakuranga MP Simeon Brown reposted it.

Source: Facebook / Chris Bishop

Today, King took to Instagram about the MPs and the party's actions.


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Credit: Instagram / themikeking 

 In the post, Mike King says, "Let’s get back to the issue and not get sidetracked by political agendas. This is about vulnerable young people getting the help they need now, not in six months #theyareallourchildren."

The meme, shared by the National MPs, is in relation to the recent $2.75 million funding for a meth rehabilitation programme, run by the Mongrel Mob and signed off by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, while Mike King missed the deadline to apply for funding for his Gumboot Friday charity. 

National has been on the offensive about the funding for the meth rehab programme, in particular Simeon Brown, as he said in a Facebook video earlier this week. 


A post shared by themikeking (@themikeking)

Credit: Instagram / themikeking

In a Facebook video, King said he took issue with Ardern signing off the funding despite saying she couldn't be involved in the decision to give money to Gumboot Friday, and did not have an issue with the money itself.

King says he "is thinking about" doing another Gumboot Friday event near the end of this year to continue to raise funds for free counselling for young people. His first one held this year on May 28 saw him attempt to walk 100km wearing gumboots to raise $100,000, and the total funds raised were $943,000.

If you are concerned about someone who may need help, contact Lifeline 0800 543 354 or the Suicide Crisis Helpline 0508 TAUTOKO.