Ministry of Health continues search for last five Melbourne returnees

By Te Ao - Māori News

Ministry of Health people-finding services are putting in a big effort to track down five people who have recently returned to Aotearoa from Melbourne.

Melbourne and theAustralian state of Victoria are in lockdown thanks to nine positive Covid-19 cases, with more than 10,000 people connected to the outbreak.

Victoria plunged into a seven-day lockdown at 11.59pm on Thursday, May 27, but itshealth officials are concerned the spread of the virus is not slowing down.

New Zealand's Ministry of Health says it has contacted all but five of the 4,539 people who flew from Melbourne Airport in Victoria back to New Zealand between May 20-25.

Some 2,350 travellers and 178 air crew have returned negative tests. About 1,200 individuals have already returned to Australia, while others are infants who are not required to be tested.

The state recorded 42,699 test results and 20,484 vaccinations at state-run centres. And there are more than 320 sites that have been exposed to Covid-19,

Victoria aged care services

Two staff members and one resident at Arcare Maidstone in Victoria are among the positive to Covid-19 cases.

Victoria's Health Workers Union has claimed aged care providers in the state are pressuring their staff to come into work when they should be isolating.

Diana Asmar from the union told ABC News there had been many reports of workers being asked to go into work at centres when they should be home awaiting a Covid-19 test results/

"We've been having many, many calls from the workers. Some of them have actually gone home to isolate for 14 days but the managers are telling them, 'It's OK, don't worry about it.  Please come to work because we're short of staff'."