Ministry of Health: How to self-isolate from Coronavirus

updated By Bronson Perich
Dr Ashley Bloomfield demonstrates the "East Coast Wave". Source/File

Director-General Dr Ashley Bloomfield confirmed that there are no new COVID-19 cases in Aotearoa. The two latest cases, from Australia and Denmark respectively, have been discharged from hospital and have self-isolated.

Dr Bloomfield issued a series of guidelines on how to self-isolate.

  • Don’t use public transport, taxis or ride-share services such as Uber
  • Avoid visiting people, and hosting people in your home
  • Food and supply deliveries from couriers and whānau are fine
  • Sleep in a separate bed, change and wash linen daily
  • If you need to leave your home, travel by yourself if possible
  • Avoid close contact with others
Dr Ashley Bloomfield. Source/File

Close contact is defined as face to face contact, within 2 metres, for 15 minutes. Dr Bloomfield talked about two groups of people who need to self-isolate. The first are those travelers who are self-isolating as part of the recent travel restrictions and border controls. The second are those who have Coronavirus symptoms and are self-isolating to keep our country safe. 

Though the risk levels are different, the self-isolation measures are the same.

The Ministry of Health confirmed that they are considering imposing fines on people who fail to self-isolate. Two hours later, the PM announced a 'zero tolerance' policy on travelers that fail to self-isolate, the punishment being detention and deportation.