Misinformation impacting children's health - National Hauora Coalition

By Te Ao - Māori News
Photo / File

Māori-led health organisation the National Hauora Coalition (NHC) says it is "actively addressing" the impact of misinformation spread across social media about throat swabs in schools.

"That misinformation implied that schools were testing children for Covid-19 without parental consent and then removing children from school who tested positive without notification. This did not occur," NHC said in a statement Saturday. 

The coalition which advocates for hauora Māori says health programmes within schools have been impacted by the misinformation.

"NHC and Counties Manukau Health are now actively addressing the impact of that misinformation particularly on their Mana Kidz programme. This programme provides a comprehensive school-based health service including rheumatic fever prevention, for 34,000 children every day.

"Both organisations are seriously concerned about the impact of this misinformation on the Mana Kidz programme and more widely on other important health programmes."

NHC says it has been responding to parents' concerns by sharing factual information with them and "contacting every single parent who has expressed concerns."

"We urge whānau who have further questions or concerns to continue using trusted information sources such as Counties Manukau Health or Mana Kidz via their Facebook page, phone (0800 MK TEAM) or email (manakidz@nhc.maori.nz)."