Missing Rotorua toddler found safe and well

Rotorua Police have confirmed that the 18-month-old toddler who was taken from his home in Koutu has been found alive and well. 

News of the toddler's disappearance broke via Facebook when his father James Kiff posted a status  early this morning saying his son had been taken.

"My home was broken into last night and the only thing they took was my son Elisaia Kiff he was taken from my home when he was sleeping in his bed...this is not a joke and any info would be appreciated."

Kiff and his partner Nikala (Nicky) were both home when Elisaia was taken.

The Online News Team spoke to Elisaia's aunty, Sonya Rakei, this morning who was understandably devastated by the news. 

"I was woken up by mum ringing me at 2am this morning frantically upset on the phone saying he'd been taken.

They broke in through his playroom wrenched the window open and whoever it was made their way down the hallway into the kitchen turned the lights on and went into his room and took him.

They got up to the lounge and checked the TV and everything was there. Nicky saw her son's door open and as soon as they went into his room he was gone," Sonya says.

Sonya says the blankets Elisaia was sleeping in were lifted from off the cot and his favourite teddy was left there. 

No further details have been provided. However, if you have any additional information, you can contact the Rotorua Police Station on (07) 349 9400.