Mit Eldnar win Tangata Beats

By Tema Hemi

Ten schools from across the nation battled it out on stage last night at the Smokefree Tangata Beats competition in Auckland

Mit Eldnar, of Manurewa High School, are this years Smokefree Tangata Beats Competition champions

The top three bands won an opportunity to studio record an original track as well as musical equipment from the Rock Shop.

Despite winning the overall prize for this year's Smokefree Tangata Beats competition there's no time to rest for Mil Eldnar 

Front man for the band Sonatane Kaufusi says, "When we heard Mit Eldner as first place, to be honest, we didn't know what to feel. We were just grateful /just to be there and we're grateful to perform and share our messages, and first place was just like the cherry on top."

Fruit salad is how they best describe their style of music.

Kaufusi also says, "You know when we're coming up with a song all of us input into it, we all just come up with a draft and add and subtract to it because we all like different music sort of funky, sort of rock, sort of country style but/ I think what makes our style unique is we all bring our own likes and mashed it all up so that basically what our sound is, fruit salad. If we were to win Smokefree Rockquest and go up against those kinda names it would be amazing, they're people we listened to ever since we were little growing up,/ the likes of Nesian Mystic and Bic Runga they're all people I guess we were inspired by and just to be amongst those names its just crazy."

The band honor their music teacher Tim Randle who has been with the band since they started the name Mit Eldnar is his name spelt backwards.

Randle says, "Its a priviledge when you think about the fact that whānau place in a position for you to look after their family its a privilege to do it with such wonderful people.

KOA from Aotea College in Porirua came in at third place with Pocket Ture from Aorere College took home second.

Mit Eldnar will now set their sites on the supreme title of Smokefree Rockquest champions 2018, finals kick off tonight from 7 pm at Auckland Girls Grammar.