MKR duo launch their first cookbook

By Talisa Kupenga

A former My Kitchen Rules (MKR) semi-finalist couple have reached another milestone in their cooking careers.Waikato duo Jay Wanakore and Sarah Chase launched their first cookbook today to show healthy whole foods can be easy to cook and affordable even if you have a big family.

The Chase-Wanakore duo has gone from MKR to rule their own recipes with the launch of their first cookbook.

Chase told Te Kāea, "We've got affordable family recipes, we've got an icon in there 'under $15 meals' and we've got lots of tips in there where we show that you can go for either the luxurious kind of meal or you can go for the cheaper option, which is what we always go for."

The book is the result of trying different eating styles and finding what worked for their family. Before its launch, the pair tested each recipe on their family of five.

"We've actually gone and done the whole expensive buzz where you have to buy everything organic and all that stuff and it didn't actually work for us. Like money wise, it was so expensive."

The pair wants others to know that cooking healthy and delicious food is achievable even for large families on a budget.

Jay Wanakore says, "We've actually got three kids so we know how it is to budget for a whanau of five and how to prep and plan and buy for whanau. For us we've trialled this, it works for us and there are so many different ways you can adapt this book to your lifestyle."

The culinary couple hopes the recipes become staples in family households to introduce others to affordable healthy lifestyles.