Moana reo Māori is gaining support from big brands such as Leggo and Air NZ

By Ani-Oriwia Adds

Since the release of the Moana Movie in te reo Māori it's been picked up and promoted by big brands such as Leggo and Air New Zealand. Producer Tweedie Waititi says the response has been overwhelming.

A bold move from Māori film makers has proven to be popular internationally.

Waititi says “When it comes out on DVD and ITunes, Air New Zealand want to play the reo Māori version on their aircraft's. I think it's great. Spread the beauty of our language to the world. “

Since Monday's release, big brands such as Leggo have jumped on board promoting Moana Leggo prize packs, and Air New Zealand have announced their support by playing the te reo version on every aircraft.

Cultural Development leader Andrew Baker says ”In November when the DVD is released and its released through ITunes, that Air NZ will also be one of the first airlines in the world to show Moana reo Māori.”

Waititi says “We’re very lucky. These are very big companies and they’ve jumped on board to help us with this project. Air New Zealand has been instrumental in helping us to get tickets to get our work done.”

The movie has also got the kids singing the popular movie tunes in te reo.

Waititi says “There are many great things that have come from this. The main thing is that our language has been put on the world stage.”

Baker says “I think that now that it's in te reo Māori it's going to get a whole other lift and a whole other boost and will add a whole new dimension to that movie, especially for visitors coming on our aircraft to NZ in te reo I think it's going to be fantastic. It's going to be really popular with our customers.”

The movie will be available on Air New Zealand planes from November onwards.