Mob Kingdom to lay complaint against police

By Te Ao - Māori News

Hamilton's Mongrel Mob Kingdom wants to lay a formal complaint against Waikato Police following a search that involved a heavy police presence last Saturday night.

Mob president Sonny Fatupaito claims the police were trying to incite unrest and violence through intimidation. 

Footage obtained by Te Ao Mārama shows crowds of police sweeping into the Mongrel Mob Kingdom headquarters.  

Paito says, "The way that the police behaved was inappropriate."

Waikato Police executed a search warrant at a house in Bandon Street in Hamilton on Saturday night. The search warrant was associated with the Waikato Mongrel Mob in relation to alleged illegal sale and supply of alcohol. 

Mob officials say the warrant was executed during a birthday celebration. 

Paito says, "They blocked off the roads and then they got into a marching formation and then they started marching down the middle of the road."

Police response

Police claim a large number of gang members were present at the address, including a variety of different chapters of the Mongrel Mob and other gangs. 

"Prior to the warrant being executed there were reports of disorder offences involving gang members that were present at the party, including blocking off roads, burnouts and vehicles and occupants doing laps of the central city.

"As a secondary objective to the warrant, our role was to respond and ensure that members desisted from this disorderly behaviour before it escalated."

Police say they utilise enough resources to ensure their staff and people present at any event they attend are safe and feel safe along with ensuring the safety of the public. 

Two arrests were made during the execution of the warrant and an investigation is continuing, with further charges being considered., they say.