Mobil pays out $2.3 million in clean up & reimbursement costs

updated By Ripeka Timutimu

Mobil Oil Limited have pleaded guilty in the Tauranga District court following an oil spill in the Tauranga harbour. Mobil has paid out $2.3 million for clean-up and reimbursement costs.

Whareroa beach was one of the areas affected by the spill in April this year. 

Environmental spokesperson for Te Runanga o Ngai Te Rangi, Reon Tuanau says, the company should fund local iwi to assess damage in areas like Whareroa.

He says, “We aren't asking for money to go to individuals, we are asking for funding to research the impact on the sea.”

Tuanau says more funding would allow them to continue their research.

“At this point in time we are undertaking Cultural impact Assessments to evaluate the damage from this oil leak. Next year we are hoping to do the same, Tuanau said.”

Mobil sent local Iwi and hapū an email last night requesting the court formalise a restorative justice process between them, Iwi and hapū.

Mobil will be sentenced on the 14th March. Until then it's likely Iwi will meet with them to talk more on the issue face to face.