Modern day tiki store digital whakapapa

By Regan Paranihi

Pukehina artist Joe Te Wharau is amongst 25 other local, national and international artist showcasing their art and modern technologies at the Art and Technology exhibition held at Tauranga’s Goddards Centre until November 5th.

Amongst the art work on display is Te Wharau’s very own personalised tiki, however this is not your ordinary tiki, this is a tiki with a twist, a tiki to keep up with the new day and age.

Te Wharau has created a modern day tiki that has the ability to store a person’s digital family history on it.

He says, the tiki has a Near Field Communication chip in it that could be programmed to connect to smartphones to suit the user. It could also be loaded with a range of information varying from contact details to setting off your morning alarm system, but most importantly it can store a digital version of a person’s whakapapa.

Te Wharau is a first timer at this exhibition and hopes that throughout the week more people will see the fruits of what the digital world can create.