Mōhau (For You) new Māori Gospel Visual Album released

By D'Angelo Martin
Rob Ruha at Te Puia Marae, in Mangere. / Source - File.

Rob Ruha teamed up with some of Māoridoms well known artists to create Mōhau (For you). Mōhau is a visual Te Reo Māori Gospel Album that has eight waiata whakamoemiti (hymns). All eight hymns were composed in te reo Māori that are sung everyday within our communities.

A visual album with gospel hymns to bring light and love to everyone of all beliefs.

Rob Ruha says, “All songs that were recorded were one takes. We didn't have time to go back review the song and make changes that wasn't the case.”

It was a collective effort where songs were sent in by churches, haka groups and singers who helped shape the album.

"We looked to the kapa haka world, my cousin and good friend Jenny from Ngā Taonga Mai Tawhiti sent in their choral which is called Āmene.

“Some songs were originals like 'Aue Wairua' which I wrote in the 90s, and some songs are new," Ruha explains.

The first preview of the album was showcased here at Te Puea Marae in Māngere. According to Rob Ruha, one of the main aspirations for the album was to unite the people, through singing but to also uplift the spirits and bring joy to everyone just before Christmas.

“Although this is the season to give, there are some people who we know are less fotunate and so they are discouraged in a way. So we thought as a collective that this project can be presented as a gift, something they can share among their family and loved ones.”

Ka Hao, a youth group from the East Coast, was fortunate enough to work alongside these giants in the Māori music industry.

“This generation is the leaders of tomorrow, but instead of waiting for tomorrow to come we wanted to expose them to these type of opportunities that are available. The youth group were assigned to 'Rongo' one of the songs on the album,” Ruha concludes.

At the end of January next year Mōhau will be available on all digital music platforms which will be streamed for the country and the world.