Mokotube app helps tamariki access te reo on YouTube

By Taroi Black

Mokotube, is a kids-targeted version of YouTube Kids all in te reo tuku iho. Hei Tiki Creatives created the new digital channel to launch on Kirihimete.

The role of Mokotube is to centralise all Maori language videos suitable for tamariki, aged 0-5 years. The app also allows them to float between te reo Māori or bilingual.

App Creator Maraea Davies says, “The app caters for full immersion or there are settings for whanau who are just starting their journey of learning te reo Māori.”

MokoTube allows Tamariki to safely navigate their own experience of the age appropriate Māori language content that is currently available on YouTube and has been linked to this app.

The intention is to provide our tamariki with the means to acquire te reo effortlessly, and to enable our tamariki to become articulate, confident communicators of te reo Māori.

The programme was supported by Te Mātāwai, an independent statutory entity charged with revitalising New Zealand's indigenous language.

However, the foundation of this fun kaupapa is currently working with up to six prolific Māori content creators. Such as Te Nū Tube, Tamariki Tākaro and Pipi Mā.

“I was wrapped about that cos children, they’re just absolutely dynamite”

This was a huge focal point for Davies seeing her tamāhine in awe with the app.

She noticed that her vocabulary and ability to articulate herself was noticeable. “I’m really excited for other parents out there.”

The app can now be downloaded on Google Play.