Mother and child miraculously survive bus smash

updated By Te Ao - Māori News

A mother and infant miraculously escaped death in Aucklands CBD as a driverless double decker bus rear ended them, after 1 pm this afternoon.

Satenden Phogat, a bystander turned assistant explains that after the mother was taken to safety, she was calling for her child.

Phogat then assisted station workers to remove the baby from under the bus.

“The baby is totally safe, nothing happened to the baby.”

The driver was reported to be in a state of shock as he re-entered the bus to gain control.

“Mum is alright too, so thank God there was no injury.”

The roadside rescuer praised the station workers who helped him bring the baby out from under the bus as the “real heroes”.

“It’s a miracle, thank you to Jesus, to God. I don’t want to see anything like that in my life.

“I was expecting, there must be a dead body under the bus.”

Phogat reports that Police and emergency services arrived within minutes of the mother and child being rescued.

Hassle Free Tours spokesperson Mark Gilbert says:

"We are fully co-operating with police to figure out what happened.

"Our thoughts are with the people who have been affected by this and we are supporting those who need it, including the driver."