Motorcyclists ride to raise suicide awareness

By Dean Nathan

Police, gang members, MPs and others came together as one in an effort to seek answers and understanding for the hundreds being lost to suicide.

Hone Mihaka of Ngāpuhi says, “If we don't talk about it, how can we find solutions for those considering taking their own lives? It's like there's no help or support for them."

Nationwide, 547 people have taken their own lives in the past year, with nearly 200 of those in this region. The aim of this journey is to seek answers and thereby create understanding.

The group plans to meet with other groups and communities along the way to share thoughts and ideas on the situation at hand. 

From Northland, the 'Riders Against Suicide' will travel to Ōpōtiki, where they will hand over the running of the campaign to the people of Te Whakatōhea.

Mr Mihaka believes, “Our spirits and minds have been jolted by this monster that's consuming our families.  In time, we might understand enough to help those who are struggling with suicide.”