Motorcyclists unite for a good cause

By Numia Ponika-Rangi

Iron Thunder MC 2016 Annual Poker Run for Charity, over 100 motorcycles went on a run from Auckland to the Coromandel to raise funds for the Westpac Rescue helicopter and the Auckland Spinal Unit.

Every rider and any rider is welcome to meet, greet and ride along for a good cause.

Iron Thunder MC representative ‘Muzz’ says, “Iwi have come from all over, all have the passion with their Iron Hoiho, all got the same kaupapa, Together we help one another.

“Oh yeah, doesn't matter if they're 1 percent back patched clubs to the social riders, to just everyday mum and dad, everyone's starting to turn up now,” says, ’Biff’, Iron Thunder MC - SAA

‘Kinkee’ from Iron Thunder MC says “It's a great place to catch up and to support a worthy cause.            “                                                                                  

The State Highway resounding to a thunderous roar towards the 1st stop, The Red Fox Tavern in the Waikato, a great ride for some who have travelled from afar.

“Many have come from the Mataatua region, from Te Arawa. I am from Matahourua and others from the Mamari waka have come as well,” says Black Power representative Tipene Hemara.

John Hepi from the Rebels MC says, “It's always good to see a lot of Bikie,,,aah motorcycle enthusiasts come together for the one cause.”

“Of course the ride is actually the best thing about it, but again it's about being out here in the community and offering that support and that's why we're here our roopu, says ‘Tiki’ from the Iron Thunder MC.

Organisers, say say it's only the 3rd run, and they've noticed it growing each year and support from new groups also.

‘Biff’ says, “Yeah I think there's still 3 more crews to come plus a few extras and I think we're starting to get a bit tight these days so I think next time we might have to look at somewhere a lot bigger.”

 Despite the perceptions of intimidation some people have regarding motorcyclists it's obvious the purpose of the run is bigger than individual misconceptions.

“We've got people from all walks of life, from all different professions and careers, we dress up like with these leathers we sort of look intimidating, but it's about breaking the stereotypes and also letting people know that we're here to support a kaupapa and we're just like we're fathers, uncles, grandfathers and aunties just like everybody else, says ‘Tiki’.

These motorcyclists are hoping to raise more than last year, in the knowledge that the money is being used wisely.

‘Biff’ says, “Last year I think our funds were used to do a Wi-Fi throughout the Auckland Spinal Unit so everyone, if they're bed ridden they can get on the Wi-Fi and pass the day until they get better.

In the following weeks the funds will be tallied and events organised to handover the money to Westpac and Spinal Unit representatives.