Motorhead festival to bring all types of motorsport together

Preparations for the Motorhead festival next month are underway.  It's a festival that will bring a number of different motor sports together like drifting. 

The roar of the engines can be scary but it's a sport that is catching on fast.

Drew Donovan from Drift Motosport New Zealand says, “It's exhilarating, adrenaline pumping its fast it’s loud you know, it just smells fun.”

Donovan, along with his partner, is supporting the multi motor sport festival.

He says, “In the past drifting has had a bit of a bad rep. It's been tainted with the same brush as boy racers.  The idea behind this event is to bring a lot of motorsports together.”

With speeds up to 180km, this is drifting at its best.

Jodie Verhulst from Drift Motorsports New Zealand says, “You’re always on the edge and you always feel challenged.  I haven't found anything that can compete with that, it really pushes you all the time.”

Competing in racing and drifting nationally, they hope that the sport will continue to grow.