MP detained by Israeli forces

By Ripeka Timutimu

Rawiri Paratene, the father of detained Greens MP Marama Davidson, told Te Kāea today their family could not comment on Davidson's predicament and is instead leaving it up to the proper authorities to manage. Davidson was on board Zaytouna-Olivia, as part of a flotilla in international waters off the coast Gaza, protesting Israel's decade-long blockade, and her political party is calling for her release.

It seems Marama Davidson predictions have come true.

“The Israeli forces have no reason to kidnap us to take us,” says Davidson.

Green Party Co-leader Metiria Turei says, “Marama Davidson has been fighting for human rights around the world for many years now.”

The video was recorded in Sicily, the last stop before the flotilla hit the waters on their way to Gaza. They never arrived, instead intercepted by Israeli forces in the early hours this morning.

Turia says, “We are calling on the NZ Government to send a very strong message to Israel that the illegal blockade needs to be lifted immediately so that medical supplies can reach women and children.”

Last year, Israeli forces detained two Māori Television journalists who were part of another peace flotilla. They returned home safely. Roger Fowler of Kia Ora Gaza says Davidson could be treated similarly.

“What happened then and I imagine it would be very similar is that the boat as taken under tow to Ashdod which is a port in Southern Israel where they would be questioned, and detained there and after a short time, deported.”

Fowler has been involved in three sea missions and three land missions to Gaza. All of the sea missions have been unsuccessful. He says our MPs could do more to support their plight.

“We've sent three open letters to Murray McCully and the government asking them demand the Israelies allow the peace flotilla free passage to go to Gaza but we haven't heard back.”

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said the NZ's Turkish embassy would