MPs to return to respective regions - Political Wrap 2015

By Ripeka Timutimu

Parliament will wind down this week with many MPs returning to their respective regions ahead of the New Year.

One of the closely followed issues in Parliament this year was the Christmas Island saga that saw Kiwi detainees eventually deported back to New Zealand. Prime Minister John Key didn’t hold any of his comments back relating to the issue.

In the house he stated, “What the Labour Party is saying is to the hell with the rest of New Zealand, these people should be put on a commercial aircraft and dispatched to New Zealand. Well you back the rapists.”

Female MPs, some of them victims of sexual assault, had united in requesting an apology from Mr Key over his comments saying Labour backed rapists.

Also, veteran MP Winston Peters didn't shy away from the big issues earlier in the year, taking a dig at the Māori Party's flagship policy Whānau Ora.

The Minister of Māori Development Te Ururoa Flavell looked to lift Christmas spirit in the house when delivering his final speech saying, “happy Māori Party New Year”.

The MPs will return to Parliament in the New Year.