Mum-daughters combo working like magic in Waikato Wizards

By Wikitōria Day

The National Women's Basketball tournament is currently taking place in Auckland.

The Waikato Wizards took to the court recently in what was one of their toughest games against Canterbury, luckily coming off with the win.

Mum Leanne Walker has been the coach of her daughters' teams for years, but recently stood in as 'one of the girls'.

Daughter Krystal Leger-Walker says, "It's different, you can hear her more as she's closer,'s such a cool experience."

Whilst youngest daughter Charlisse felt it was really good to play alongside somebody so close.

Krystal not only plays for her Waikato team, she has also earned a position in the NZ team, the Junior Tall Ferns.

In the future, Krystal is keen to head to the States and go to College there after high school, Charlisse hopes to follow in her sister's footsteps and represent NZ before her long-term goal of heading to the US as well.

Players of this age have huge aspirations and these two daughters know exactly what they wish to achieve in the not too distant future, something their mum is surely proud of.