Mystics take 'revenge match'

By Ruth Smith

The Northern Mystics' persistence has paid off in their second win for the season against the Mainland Tactix. 

The Mystics dominated throughout the game, holding off a fourth quarter Tactix comeback in what became a win to avenge their first round loss.

The team had their eye on the prize in their latest 'revenge' match-up against the Mainland Tactix, taking them down 53-49.

"The Mystics really came out firing.  We didn't adjust, I guess.  We need to create more ball for our shooters," says Tactix captain, Jane Watson.

With four Silver Fern defenders in the circles, it was always going to be a tough attacking game.

"I think we're picking up lots of defensive ball and we're starting to be more patient and thoughtful with what we do on attack which I'm really pleased about," says Helene Wilson, coach of the Mystics side.

The Mystics, however, are taking no chances and implementing a full court defensive strategy to sway the game to their advantage.

"If attackers put that pressure on at the get-go, then it makes our job a lot easier to snaffle up those loose balls.  It was something that we worked on," says captain Anna Harrison.

The Tactix upped the ante in the fourth quarter looking for a last minute upset, but it was the Mystics’ patience that prevailed and secured them the win.

"There's still that opportunity to keep building.  We had ten at one stage but we let them back in.  We worked a lot on maintaining possession of the ball when it got tough and I'm definitely proud of them for that,” says Harrison.

The Mystics are scheduled to play the top-of-the-table Pulse on Sunday night at the Trust Arena where they'll be looking to benefit from home advantage.