Name suppression lifted on woman who allegedly murdered Carly Stewart

By Heeni Brown

Name suppression has been lifted for a woman who allegedly murdered 36-year-old Carly Stewart in West Auckland.

Stewart died at the scene of a Te Atatu south residence where she was fatally stabbed.

36-year-old Anna Eiao Browne appeared in the Auckland High Court today charged with the murder of Stewart and faces a maximum penalty of life-imprisonment.

Browne’s case is set to be reviewed in February with a trial date set for August next year.

Anna Browne’s appearance follows a series of two unrelated fatal stabbings in West Auckland two weeks ago.

Suppressions are still in place but with the removal of name suppression we can reveal 24-year-old Michael Tristan Ford appeared in the Auckland High Court today.

He is charged with the murder of 42-year-old Ronald Karipa who was fatally stabbed five kilometres away from the scene of where Stewart died.

A trial date has been set for September.