Nannie's cookbook goes global

By Taroi Black

Bridget Davis is a famous internet blogger for food and an author to her new cookbook called ‘Breakfast around the World’ which launched today.  The author was inspired by her grandmother's breakfast menu with a Māori flavour.

Mrs Davis says, "I fondly remember my grandmother, my nanny Mere. She was probably the best breakfast cook I’ve seen in my lifetime."

"It always reminded me how important breakfast is.  She'd be cooking before us kids got out of bed."

Her new cookbook consists of 50 recipes from 50 different cuisines or countries across the globe.

"I did a lot of travelling and the places I hadn't been to, I had friends who influenced the recipe, from their grandmothers and from their mothers, to make sure that we pay respect to every single recipe we have in the book."

For the past 30 years, Davis has been working as a professional chef around the world. Today, she cooked a boil up and infused it with spices.

"So, we started off with seaweed and then we added cinnamon, star anise and a little bit of chilli as well went into there and garlic, ginger. Flavours you wouldn't associate with boil-up but we still boiled it up."

She's a full-time cook writer and is recognised for her video blogs on YouTube about food and health, which have attracted more than one million viewers.

This year she cooked for the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, at her marae Karetu in Te Taitokerau.

"So, I got to cook for the prime minister and she was as beautiful and as wonderful as she appeared.  She was absolutely phenomenal."

This Christmas her third book, which is about healthy eating., will be released.