Napier's Marineland says final farewell to their fur seals

After closing their doors to the public in 2009, Napier's iconic Marineland said their final farewells to the last of their fur seals.

Mr BoJangles, Pania and Polly will be making their way to new homes in Australia, marking the end of an era.

Entertainer extraordinaire Mr BoJangles was born right here in Marineland, but it's now time to say goodbye.  But it seems Mr BoJangles isn't having a bar of it.

Meanwhile, his pals Pania, the youngest at 9 years old and Molly the oldest, are taking a quick dip before the big trip.

Worker of Marineland, Regan Beckett says, “I think Napier should be quite sad to loose them to be honest.”

Marineland opened its doors in 1965 and was home to performing dolphins and seals.

It reached its height of popularity in the 60s and 70s.  But then came the animal protection movement, citing detrimental effects of captivity on dolphins.

Once a major attraction now remains abandoned and derelict.  But it seems the excitement of leaving is all a bit much for Mr Bo.

Napier’s mayor, Bill Dalton says, “The Marineland area is going to be completely rebuilt but it's going to be turned into a multi-use facility.

Molly is going to Melbourne Zoo while the other two head to Sea World on the Gold Coast of Australia to carry on entertaining the masses, that's if they can get him in the crate.