National Council concerned with lack of qualified nurses

By Numia Ponika-Rangi

The National Council of Māori Nurses are concerned with the numbers of newly qualified nurses unable to secure employment with hospitals and district health boards. Some take on work at rest homes, while others venture overseas. A spokesperson from the National Council of Māori Nurses says the relevant organisations need to work together to rectify the situation.

Māori nursing graduates are finding more employment opportunities at rest homes due to a lack of jobs in hospitals and health boards.

Linda Thompson from the National Council of Mäori Nurses says there needs to be a closer relationship with Mäori nursing educators and prospective employers.

Hemi Wirihana is a resident at the Hayman Care Home in Manukau and he says the nurses there who come from different cultures do a great job.

But the highest priority is keeping our qualified Mäori nurses employed in NZ and not leaving for overseas.