National Māori Weavers biennial conference 2015

By Dean Nathan

“Weavers of man create a living, while weavers of the arts become leaders.”

That is the proverb of the gallery on Ohaki Marae in Ahipara who are hosted the National Māori Weavers biennial conference over labour weekend.   

Hinekura Smith says, “It's definitely not a dying art form. If you look at all the work and the information being shared here, it's really fantastic.”

With over 300 delegates in attendance, it is also a great opportunity to address a range of related issues. The gallery also showcases the works of great exponents of recent times as an example for the local community and nation.

Te Rangi Kawhiti Leonard believes, “Although some of us have been weaving for a long time, you will still see new and different ways of doing things from some of the new weavers. That all helps to improve the quality and workmanship.”

Hosting rights to the 2017 conference has been handed over to Te Arawa.