National Secondary Schools Rugby League Tournament Kicks Off

By Ruth Smith

Manukura is looking to take a shot at the national secondary schools' title, taking down two-time champions, Southern Cross today in their opening matches of pool play.

This will be the 4th time Manukura have attended the annual competition and they say it's more than just the win.

"We not here to spot fill but one of our main goals is to encourage strong relationships amongst the boys", said Te Huarahi Rask, one of the management team of Manukura.

Manukura are playing in the premiership league with 13 other teams.  There are 8 additional teams playing in the development league, totalling 22 teams from all 7 league regions. 

With scouts from overseas clubs scoping in on prospective players, the excitement is high for the young boys.

"The boys work hard day in day out at morning practice, at afternoon practice and no matter what sport they play they train hard," says Rask.

The finals will be played this Friday when National champions will be crowned.